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Jen Kish

I am a retired Olympic Bronze Medalist who has now returned to the fitness industry to help people achieve their fitness goals. 

Prior to moving to Victoria, BC to train full time to chase a childhood dream of mine, I spent 4 years working at a commercial gym in Edmonton, Alberta. 

While chasing my dream, I had the privilege to be trained by some of the best sport conditioning coaches in the country & guided by the top dietitians. In 2018, I retired from the sport of rugby & returned to the fitness industry. 


I am based out of Edmonton & started my own company called JK Elite. I work with a wide range of clientele, including those who have severe health issues. The ages range from 15 years old, all the way up to 65 years old. I have helped people put on mass, lose weight, improve their overall health and so on.  


If you're someone who has found zero success in reaching your fitness goals, you've come to the right place. 





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"I'm 54 years old. Jen helped me lose 50lbs in such a short time. I regained my confidence & am stronger than ever " -Elisse
"I am a transplant survivor with a lot of medical issues that has played a role in my weight gain. I tried, on my own,  for 2 years, losing and regain the same 5lbs. When I decided to reach out for help, I came across Jen. With her help, knowledge, guidance & unique way to go about weight loss, I ended up losing 48lbs. I know my journey is far from over, and to have Jen in my corner every step of the way, I know the possibilities for me are endless. I also never thought in a million years that I would be able to deadlift 215lbs for 3 reps" - Deb  
"I am a very busy mother of 2 who loves to drink wine at night. I have tried many times to lose weight on my own and failed. The scale was moving in the wrong direction, so Jen was my last ditch effort. Since starting with her, she has helped me lose 28lbs & even though the training sessions are tough, it's exactly what I need. She also leaves room for me to have my wine still- Heather
After 18 years of yo-yo dieting, I realized that I needed to incorporate physical activity into my life in order to obtain my goals of weight loss and improved health. I began training with Jen online in August, 2019, and then in person in September and October. After three months of fitness training, I cannot imagine moving forward without it now. The results I have experienced over the past months include the obvious- weight loss, improved endurance, and increased strength. The not so obvious benefits are the ones that no one else can see- the fact that I now walk into a room full of people with more confidence- that I feel like I have control of my food intake that I didn’t have before - the sense of accomplishment I have that I can go into a regular store to shop, rather than having to go to a plus- size store. These are the things that are immeasurable. Although it is nice to see the numbers on the scale go down, I have found that that is not what is the most important to me. It is the way I feel inside. Thank you, Jen"
"I have PCOS & that has made it seem impossible for me to lose weight & I lacked major confidence working out in public gyms. Before starting with Jen, I ran a 10km race in 1 hour & 32 minutes. One of my goals, besides weight loss was to complete 10km in under 1 hour. Since starting with Jen, she has not only helped me become leaner, fitter & stronger but I also had my best ever 10km finish with a time of 54 minutes and helped me lose 30lbs! Training with Jen has inspired me to also become a firefighter." - Kaylyn
"My goal was to be healthier and fitter so I can keep up with my triplets as they continue to get older. Not only am I all those things, I also regained the confidence I lost during my pregnancy because of how much weight I gained while pregnant. To be back loving the way I look and the way I feel, really excites me to see what else I can achieve with Jen's  help." - J.A

This client is 64 years young. She has spent the majority of her life putting the needs of others before her own. It was not until her health was on the decline, when she made the decision to start look after herself. She has not only changed her body composition, but she is fitter, stronger and has retaken control of her life again. 

"I am a teacher & mother of 2. I am also a retired competitive athlete who has a messed up shoulder. I have had trainers before but have never seen results. Jen has been able to work around my chronic injury & help me lose 59lbs."

"There are trainers, and then there are TRAINERS. Jen is the real deal. She really cares & has helped me achieve the results I was looking for, but more importantly, helped me create a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain for the rest of my life. I can't believe I waited this long to look this good. I am 57 years old & in the best shape of my life. Love ya kid" - Sue

Jen Kish


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